Hey there! I’m the English Montreal Life Coach, specializing in ADHD. You may also know me as Missleadingly ADHD. I’m so happy you’re here!


Are you interested in being coached but not quite sure what that even means?

Let me just start off by telling you my favourite word that represents the coach and client relationship:

This word is so special to me because it represents infinite trust, no judgment, harmony, and most of all, the feeling that you are not alone.A8

With camaraderie as our guide, we will go on a journey and develop tools, skills and importantly, a healthy self-talk so that you are able to move forward with confidence and pursue your hopes and dreams. Yes, that sounds cheesy but it is so true!

Common topics with my clients:

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Unique Brain WiringEmotionssExecutive FunctionsSelf-awareness


Want to know more?

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Discovery sessions are FREE and will be held in-person in Montreal or via Skype.

My rates are:

3 sessions for $200 USD (1)1 session for $80 (1)1 session for $80



“Having someone who understands well the problem I struggle brings me peace for being well understood. Every meeting new tools are given to solve different difficulties and that has helped me daily. Whenever I feel the tip is not going to work for me, she is ready to give another. The work that Alyssa has … Continue reading Victor Fortes, Montreal

Victor Fortes, Montreal

“Really loving having an ADHD coach! She’s so helpful and it’s really refreshing being able to relate to someone else that has ADHD and understands the way my brain works!”

Christina Belfiore, Michigan