Are you interested in being coached? The best way to get a feel of coaching is to give it a try! Follow my link below to sign up for a free 15 minute session to get an idea of how a coaching partnership works!

Let me tell you a few of the reasons why my clients work with me:

  • They are newly diagnosed with ADHD; they are on unsteady ground and aren’t quite sure where they should focus their energy.
    Trust me, I get it! A new diagnosis can be completely overwhelming!
  • There is something at stake (a challenge, an opportunity).
  • Lack of clarity and direction.
  • Work and life are out of balance.
  • A desire for work and life to be simpler and less complicated.
  • A need to be better organized and more self-managing. Time management is a big one here!
  • This one will probably not seem obvious to you but there is often a need to look at my clients self-talk and confidence; are their needs being met?


Yes, I’m interested! Now what?! How does this work?!

  1. We will have an initial meeting where we will talk about what you would like out of coaching and I will explain in further detail how our coaching partnership will work.
  2. I require my clients to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions. I do this because I do not feel you can get an accurate reading of what the coaching relationship is like and all that you can accomplish in simply one session. That’s like saying you can go to one golf lesson and become a pro!
  3. You will decide what your goal is and what you would like to accomplish during each session. I will be there to make sure that we stay on track and that you get what you want out of our sessions. Sometimes my clients are a little lost and aren’t sure what their goals are for the session. That’s completely okay. We figure out together what they need to move themselves forward.
  4. I don’t want to alarm you but you will have to put in some work as well! During our 60 minute sessions there will be weekly “challenges” depending on the goals that you bring to our sessions; I use an accountability forum called Coach Accountable which makes the challenges a little bit more simpler.
  5. I have assessments, models, and visuals to help support learning and growth. Just to give one example: I have a life wheel that I like to use with my clients to show work/life balance.
  6. Before and after each meeting there will be a form to fill out to make sure that you are getting all that you can out of our coaching sessions.
  7. Don’t worry, I will be with you every step of the way. That’s the beauty of Coach Accountable!  If you feel like you are stuck or having an extra bad day, you can go onto Coach Accountable and write a “journal” of how you are feeling which we can address and talk about at our next session.

Want to experience coaching?

Book your discovery session (1)

Discovery sessions are FREE and will be held in Montreal in-person or via Skype/Zoom.

My rate is:

3 sessions for $200 USD (1)

Payment for individual sessions are $80 USD. I request that my clients commit to a minimum of 3 sessions to get an accurate idea of the positive progress that coaching can make in your life.




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