The work that I do with my clients is strength based as opposed to therapy which looks at mental health and tends to focus on the past & present. I work with clients and look for the existing strengths to bring him/her forward, focusing on the present & future.

As a team we will look at what is getting in your way of starting, continuing and completing your goals! There is often a belief or a barrier that is getting in your way that you aren’t even aware of. This usually looks like procrastination. We will look at your beliefs and barriers to activate and accomplish your goals!

Successfull Picture
Together we paint a picture of what success would look like for you. What are your wants? What are your needs? What are your goals? With this successful picture in mind, you will be on the path to accomplishing your strongest inner desires.

You decide
The best part about coaching is you decide where you want the conversation to go and what you would like to accomplish!


I offer free discovery sessions for those who are curious and would like to experience coaching!

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“Having someone who understands well the problem I struggle brings me peace for being well understood. Every meeting new tools are given to solve different difficulties and that has helped me daily. Whenever I feel the tip is not going to work for me, she is ready to give another. The work that Alyssa has been doing with me its life changer, she is a very skilled and resourceful professional. I wish I would have this support before.”

Victor Fortes, Montreal

“Really loving having an ADHD coach!
She’s so helpful and it’s really refreshing being
able to relate to someone else that has ADHD
and understands the way my brain works!”

Christina Belfiore, Michigan

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